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Soumya H S

Soumya H S


Soumya H S is a profound visionary and has more than 18 years of experience in education field. She has beeninstrumental in education sector providing quality education across various skills. With the same good objectives, she has envisaged in the field of providing healthy foods for the consumers. Her vision is to build a globally acclaimed company that introduces the flavour of organic chips across various age group of consumers.Her comprehension keeps motivating the entire SD Food product teams to work with ease and deliver high quality organic products.

Mrs. Sumithra Bhat

Managing Partner

There cannot be a measureless experience than a home maker handling the production of food products. The origin of food making with best process, taste and cleanliness emerged from our age-old history of best home makers. Mrs. Sumithra Bhat heads the production unit to inculcate her best experience in producing the Healthy bites organic chips. She takes initiatives to personally handpick the best fruits / vegetables straight from organic farms and process it till the outcome of final product. She is the leading brain behind the quality of Healthy Bites and also looking forward to set new trends in catering organic and healthy foods to the consumers.