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"You are entering in to the world of ready to eat Organic, Vacuum fried healthy foods with low oil, no additives or artificial flavors."


Organic Products

Keeping in mind about the principles of organic farming, health, ecology and care – SD food products sources the fruits / Vegetables from the directly from the fields which are organic crops.  Good fertilisers, water, microbes, and good soil conditions are evaluated before buying the raw materials. 

Vacuum Frying Technology

Vacuum frying is a method of a food product is deep-fried under vacuum (no pressure) or near vacuum conditions.  The foodstuff is enclosed into a specialised pressure vessel containing a deep fryer. Food is fried with 80% lesser oil by depressurising the vessel. This process of Vacuum fry will retain all minerals and nutrients within the food.  Excess fat is removed out.  For sure you will go gaga on the taste and search for second packet.

Why Vacuum fried chips?

Conventional fried chips​

Vacuum fried chips​

Fat content is more which results in obesity and other chronic diseases.

No fat content or cholesterol risk as these are hygienic and healthy.

During frying, all nutrients are evaporated as stream.

Only the water content will be formally removed so that the product retains it original nutrients.

Deep fried with oil above 100 degrees Celsius. This converts the food to Junk.

Organic vegetables and fruits are fried in low temperature with 70% lesser oil.

Might attract kids with taste essences, but not healthy for kids.

Vacuum frying will not convert food to junk and all age groups can eat.


Organic Products






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